Amador’s Crafty Cabins Key Tags

I have always wanted to have a space to be able to have  classes or workshops and truly wish I had actual cabins to do them in. Since I don’t yet these adorable “Amador’s Crafty Cabins” Key Tags will have to make do until I make it happen. Until then I am happy to have them in my shop!!! YES these are now available to purchase in my shop!!! Even better if you make any purchase in my store of $25 or more you will get a free Amador’s Crafty Cabins Key Tag until supplies last.

Amador’s Crafty Cabins Vintage Key Tags

These key tags are inspired by the vintage motel and hotel key tags of yesteryear. As you may know I love collecting antiques and many little things that bring back nostalgic feelings. I chose one of my favorite colors or shades of Aqua! It really took me longer to choose what they were going to say than choosing everything else. I went back and forth and even wondered if anyone would be interested in purchasing them. They are each individually numbered and none have repeating numbers. Amador’s Crafty Cabins is a perfect imaginary (for now) location that you can craft and have a good cocoa at.

Amador's Crafty Cabins Vintage Key Tags

Amador’s Crafty Cabins Vintage Key Tags

They were actually made by a company that specializes in creating these items for real establishments. I was thinking of having them made from a more traditional color but decided on a lighter and more modern base. They have each been stamped individually by hand and even carry the Guarantee Postage stamp. Although I don’t think the post office will be able to deliver them to my imaginary cabins.

Amador's Crafty Cabins Vintage Key Tags

Amador’s Crafty Cabins Vintage Key Tags

Each key tag will come on a 3/4″ key ring (not the one shown in the pictures) that you can add to any key chain or even a purse for kicks and giggles. The key tags can be purchased in my shop until supplies last. I only had a small amount made and they are numbered from #101 to #199 and will be randomly chosen as they are purchased.

Amador's Crafty Cabins Vintage key tag

Amador’s Crafty Cabins Vintage key tag

You will not be able to chose a specific number since they will randomly chosen when they are ordered. Each of Amador’s Crafty Cabins key tags are individually packaged to protect them from being damaged. And remember you will receive a free key tag with every purchase in my shop of $25 or more or they can be individually purchased!

Please head on over to my shop to add these key tags to your crafty stash!

I hope to soon have  Crafty Cabins for real to invite you all for some crafty fun.

Much Love


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